Timeout com: Jeremiah Wilson
Estivemos à conversa com o extremo naturalizado português
Sep 22, 2022

Jeremiah Wilson nasceu em Chicago em 1989 e aos 22 anos foi para a Argentina na sua primeira experiência profissional. Jogou em diversos países em dois continentes distintos, tais como: República Checa, Grécia, Israel, Portugal, Polónia, França, Porto Rico, Itália, Arábia Saudita e Japão.

Em 2015 foi quando chegou ao nosso país e ao serviço do Benfica registou 14.4 pontos, 1.4 ressaltos e 8.0 assistências, em 46 jogos, conquistando uma Taça de Portugal e uma Supertaça em Portugal.

Na época passada, Jeremiah somou 18.1 pontos, 10.0 ressaltos, 1.3 assistências em 26 jogos na série A2, ao serviço do Umana Chiusi. Representou a seleção nacional portuguesa em 3 jogos oficiais e somou 14.0 pontos, 5.3 ressaltos, 0.7 assistências e 1.7 roubos de bola em 26.5 minutos jogados por jogo. 

Aqui fica a conversa que tivemos durante este timeout:

Hoopers (H): How do you analyze the season that has ended, from an individual and collective point of view?

Jeremiah Wilson (JW): It was a successful season, my team in Italy was the first team in the league and we made it to the semifinals of playoffs. We also made it to the supercup and Italian cup semi final. As a team we had a great year. Individually I had a really good year finishing the season too, being 3rd in scoring with 18 ppg and 1st in rebounds with 10.1rpg. I received first team and all import honors and was MVP of the week multiple times by eurobasket. Only thing missing is a championship! 

H: How was the experience of playing in Portugal and being able to represent our national team?

JW: Playing in Portugal was an exciting time for me! I enjoyed everything from living in Portugal to playing basketball in Portugal. Playing for the national team was GREAT because I was able to travel and represent Portugal in the eyes of the World! I never thought I would have the opportunity to play at this level coming from the Eastside of Chicago.

H: What is the best memory you have of our country?

JW: The beautiful views of your country by the water. On the court it has to be the Basketball Camp I was able to have during the summer I played for the national team. Then I remember February, right before the Covid Pandemic, I was very sick before our game against Albania and still wanted to get on the court to represent Portugal because it was a privilege in my eyes.

H: How was playing for Benfica?

JW: Dope! I finally had a chance to see what it was like to play for a real club like Benfica with a big time soccer team! It was a great experience. 

H: Neemias Queta was the first Portuguese to enter and play in the NBA. How can this influence the development of the sport in our country?

JW: I think it is great for Portuguese basketball! I have been rooting for him since he was in college to be successful because of what it will do for the country and basketball in Portugal. I love to see progression especially in basketball! 📈

H: What do you see yourself doing when you retire?

JW: I’m working on my Foundation called “The Grind Sports Foundation” which will help guide the next generation of basketball players in the right direction to be successful on and off the court mentally and physically. There will be basketball camps and leagues in Chicago and hopefully we can travel to Portugal to connect with my sports family!  🇵🇹 

H: How does the American player face coming to Europe and the time away from home?

JW: It’s difficult but usually our love for the game helps us get through the hard times. Our teammates and basketball club also helps a lot because I’ve been in horrible situations and had to still stay focused on basketball and it was hard.

Playing overseas can make or break an American player. Some people just can’t take being away from their families and being alone for 8 months a year.

H: Finally, how do you describe yourself during a Timeout?

JW: Motivational, trying to listen on how we can improve on the court! And try to rest because I am tired!

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Entrevista por: Martim Figueiredo

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