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Nov 11, 2022

“We want to be the best so why should we set a goal as anything but the highest achievement?”

Nathan vive na Califórnia. em San Jose e a sua família é natural da cidade de Goa, na Índia- ex-colónia nacional. Posto isto, a sua naturalidade está explicada. 

Noronha é mais uma português a jogar fora de portas,  neste caso atua nos Estados Unidos, ao serviço de 

Representou a seleção nacional nos diversos escalões de formação, sub-16 e sub-18. No Challenger Europeu sub-16 registou 10.3 pontos (33.3% 2P, 33.3% 3P, 100% LL), 4.0 ressaltos, 2.8 assistências e 4.3 roubos de bola em 27.6 minutos jogados ao longo de 4 jogos. 

No verão que passou, o Nathan em 27.2 minutos, somou 13.3 pontos (43.9% 2P, 40.9% 3P, 59.3% LL), 4.3 ressaltos, 0.9 assistências, 2.6 roubos de bola em 7 jogos no Europeu Divisão B.

Aqui fica a conversa que tivemos durante este timeout:

Hoopers (H): How do you analyze the season that has ended, from an individual and collective point of view?

Nathan Noronha (NN): I am very glad that I had the opportunity to play for the U16 National team as I learned a lot while I was in Portugal, and elevated my game through daily hours of training and lessons learned from the coaches. I think our team did well overall, and represented the Portuguese federation with competitiveness and comradery.  Portugal basketball is about being very team-centric and sharing the ball - a style which I love.

H: What are you expectations for the upcoming season 22/23?

NN: I have been working hard to be more aggressive on offense. For the upcoming season, I have set myself targets of 15 points, 4 assists, 4 steals, 5 rebounds per game.

I’ve been working hard towards this and excited to get going with our season in November. I’ve also been working to improve strength. For example, I deadlifted 195 Kgs last week - the highest on our team. My strength coach stopped me from going higher. I also spend a lot more time now on stretching and rolling out than before, because I know how important it is for recovery.

H: How do you see your game and what are your team’s ambitions?

NN: Every year, our goal is to win our state championship. We want to be the best so why should we set a goal as anything but the highest achievement?  We have a really good set of guys playing well together this year.  There is a lot of trust in each other.  For me, personally, it is about continuous growth.  I have been fortunate to have some of the best coaches in our area since I was in 3rd grade.  I have always been fast, and move well laterally (side to side).  Playing piano at a very high level has contributed to my reflexes which helps me on defense.

H: How was the experience of playing in Portugal and being able to represent our national team?

NN:  Having the chance to play in Portugal was incredible as I got to experience independence from my family while also feeling at home with the team. It was a great honor to represent Portugal and I have deep gratitude to everybody who had a part in making this happen for me. Particularly I want to thank my coach, Nuno Martinez, and also the staff around him, who kept us trained, healthy, and well.

H: What is the best memory you have of our country?

NN: I loved just being with the team, laughing a lot, learning a little Portuguese, and the overall immersion into Portuguese culture, music, food, and language.

H: How was playing for Portugal in the EURO U16 2022?

NN: I think that playing in this year’s EURO left such a positive impact on my game. The overseas basketball experience that I gained added confidence to my game and new elements to my playing style that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise in the U.S.  The team plays TOGETHER, and relies on speed and passing to score.

H: Have you watched our teams (U18 and U20) in the Championships? 

NN: During our training camps, the U20 national team would often have games around our dinner time in Portugal, so we would watch the games as a team as we ate. The organization and precision of the U20 team is impressive and while being a big step-up from U16, I would love the opportunity to play in that system in the coming years. 

H: How do you see the basketball played in Portugal? 

NN: I really like the style of Portuguese basketball, using a lot of screens to open up driving lanes for guards to get inside and make a play. I think there is more strategy and patience in Portugal than in the U.S. and I like the finesse/deception that we are taught to play with. Defensively, the coaches preach ball-pressure, having active hands to get steals and push it in transition.

H: Neemias Queta was the first Portuguese to enter and play in the NBA. How this achievement influence your life?

NN: Neemias Queta playing in the NBA is inspiring and I think he serves as a great role model for all of us Portuguese players to show that with hard work and persistence, the sky’s the limit

H: Finally, how do you describe yourself during a Timeout?

NN: I’m always locked in and focused, paying attention to what the coach is saying or advising my teammates what to think about during the next play.

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